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..possibly the hottest new strength and flexibility training tool to come to Fitness Industry..... The TRX System

TRX Suspension TrainingTM—Born in the US Navy SEAL Teams.
To complete the world’s toughest missions, the US Navy SEALs maintain peak condition—with strength, agility and endurance second-to-none. The TRX System was designed to deliver that level of fitness—to anyone, anywhere.

All-Body Workouts in a Single Station.
Suspension TrainingTM with the TRX System integrates every aspect of functional conditioning into a single station. Whether for sport-specific training, routine conditioning, or physical rehabilitation, the TRX System enables hundreds of exercises and progressions for every body part—using nothing but the exerciser’s own bodyweight to generate resistance. Secure it to any sturdy attachment point and you’re ready to train.

Individual and Group Training for Every Level.
The TRX System delivers impressive results for anyone, in an individual, small group or large class setting. TRX training focuses on strength and proprioception, and recruits core engagement and integrated joint stabilization throughout all movements.

TRX Suspended Pike
TRX Suspended Pike
TRX Suspended Row
TRX Suspended Row

The System translates each user's bodyweight into variable resistance. Exercisers choose the degree of difficulty—from very light to very challenging—simply by changing their body position. No additional weight is required.

The TRX System is revolutionizing boot camp and outdoor group training across the country. You can have a state-of-the-art strength training station set-up in minutes that will challenge your clients from beginner to seasoned athlete.

The TRX System is ideal for:
  • Functional strength training
  • Sport-specific conditioning
  • Outdoor or indoor group exercis/Bootcamps
  • Flexibility and rehabilitation
  • Coaches and personal trainers
  • Endurance athletes, martial artists, dancers
  • Military and law enforcement personnel
  • Physical therapists and chiropractors

Train Anywhere.
The System weighs less than two pounds and stores in a stuff sack the size of a running shoe. Workout anywhere there’s a sturdy structure and a body length of clear space:

  • Gym: Power cage, Smith Machine, chin-up bar, cable tower.

  • Outdoors: Playground equipment, fence, tree, goal posts, basketball pole, tennis court, baseball backstop, bleachers.

  • Home: Door (with door anchor accessory), beam, wall (with wall anchor accessory), garage (with eye-bolt accessory).

TRX High Row
Outdoor Bootcamps
TRX Hip Hinge
Group Exercise Classes


TRX Suspended Lunge
TRX Suspended Lunge

TRX Bicycle
TRX Hamstring Bicycle

TRX Mid Delt Raise
TRX Back Fly

TRX High Rotation
TRX High Rotation

TRX Suspended Press
TRX Suspended Press

TRX Suspended Row
Adventure Race Strength Training

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The TRX is highly endorsed by Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamps!

" Our clients love the TRX, it has set us apart from other Fitness Professionals"     Georgette Pann,CPT,CSN,Author "Sure Victory"                        

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