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Fit Over 40 is an inspiring collection of 52 case studies of ordinary people who have made extraordinary transformations to their bodies. I am very proud to say that I am one of these 52 individuals.

Fit Over 40 is co-authored by Tom Venuto of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle fame and Jon Benson (pictured on the cover) an internationally recognized transformation lifecoach, specializing in nutrition and physical fitness.

What Makes This Book So Special?
I read a lot of health and fitness books and I can tell you that this one is unique. It's a mix of health, fitness, and personal development rolled into one. This is not an ordinary "how-to" book targeted to the over 40 crowd. Don't let the title fool you—people of any age stand to learn a lot from this book.

Fit Over 40 is a beautifully formatted e-book. I found it to be one of the easiest e-books to read on screen. Jon is also a professional graphic designer, and you can tell he put a lot of care into the look of every page and picture.

Fit Over 40 is like three books in one and is divided in such a manner. Section One begins with a detailed look at Jon's decline into obesity and his numerous health-related issues. You'll soon see what a mess this guy was and have a greater appreciation for his own transformation after reading what he had to overcome. In these first five chapters, Jon takes us through exactly what he did to overcome his physical and mental challenges and achieve the lean physique he now enjoys.

Section Two introduces us to the 52 awe-inspiring role models. This is much more than a collection of "before and after" photos. Each of the role models outlines his or her answer to three key questions: How I Think, How I Train, and How I Eat. These sections are diverse and jam-packed with value.

The role models are broken into four age groups, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70+! Just a few examples include:

• A 77 year old grandmother who trains and competes in bodybuilding with her 48 year old daughter;

• A 44 year old mother of three who went from a "mom's body" to a model's body, changing both her life and career in the process;

• A 55 year old former skid row alcoholic and drug addict that found rehab and relief from addictions through strength training and exercise;

• A 49 year old man who overcame Multiple Sclerosis and built a body that would impress Arnold Schwarzenegger;

• A man who was so desperately obese that he literally had to hold his stomach in his hands to take his before picture...and a year later is a lean 180-pound competitive stair runner

And so many more! If reading what these people have overcome to build the body of their dreams does not inspire you, then nothing will.

In Section Three, Venuto takes you through the mental and physical process of changing your body. He says "This book was written to prove to you that beyond a doubt there is hope." Tom provides training tips specific to people over 40 that really should be used by fitness enthusiasts of any age.

He then takes us through the Five Pillars of Anti-Aging devoting a chapter to each. These topics are not glossed over either. Tom goes into great detail in each subject making section three like a book within a book.

He concludes with Final Thoughts: The Excellence Mindset. This chapter focuses on the power of the mind and a positive attitude. It includes a series of positive affirmations common among the "fit and ageless."

People of any age can get a lot of useful, practical information that can be put to use immediately by reading Fit Over 40—and I'm not just saying that because I'm in it. I would not loan my name and reputation to anything but the best, and Jon and Tom have created just that.

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